The best gifts are made by your heart and hands! Artmania is offering timely holiday programs to their list of classes. Painting, fabric design, sculpture, drawing, holiday cards and ornaments just in time for your holiday decorating and gift giving. We have classes for all ages. Adult classes are given during the day and late evenings. School aged children are welcome after school and on Pro-D days. Artmania instructors will also be running mobile classes at local elementary schools. Students are offered the opportunity to create unique gifts to loved ones or to keep for their holiday decorating. Visit the art classes page on our website to register.

Adult classes will provide the opportunity to explore the many techniques required to create a great acrylic or oil painting. Come expand your artistic ability!  Our highly trained teachers will take your artistic abilities to the next level and help enhance your artistic confidence and identity! Create a gift for Christmas or a painting for your home gallery.

Children will learn the role principles & elements of art have in producing a composition and art-work.  They’ll learn colour theory, explore painting, fabric painting, sculpture, and make holiday cards and ornaments.

Our mobile students at local elementary schools will pull inspiration for their artwork from our instructor’s stories about the origins of Christmas and holiday themes. Instructors will set the stage by leading students through the holiday themes that were used for centuries. The students will be encouraged to used these stories as inspiration; like professional artists! With a brief lesson about mono printing, students will create beautiful, one-of-a-kind table runners. The perfect decor for your holiday table or great gift for friends and family! Students will also design and create one of a kind holiday cards; perfect accompaniments to any gift!

Visit the art classes page on artmania’s website and register now.