So the kids are finally out of school. Now what to do to entertain them?

With the Winter Wonderland we enjoyed last week, some steep slippery hills and early dismissals, some of our mobile school classes were canceled. In this last class, we were going to be making snowglobes. Since the recipe is pretty straightforward, we thought we’d share it with you here…First, assemble all your supplies. You’ll need:

1. First, assemble all your supplies. You’ll need:

  • small decorative clear glass jar with a tight-fitting flat lid
  • waterproof holiday figurines (we used carolers and trees but snowmen are also popular)
  • waterproof epoxy or glue
  • distilled water (enough to fill jar)
  • few drops glycerin
  • clear or white glitter

2. Place your figurines in the inside of the jar lid to make sure they fit and to figure out how to place them.

3. Use the waterproof adhesive to glue the bases of the figurines into the inside of the jar lid. Let the glue set according to the instructions (the one we used took about 10 minutes).

4. Pour distilled water almost to the top of the jar. The figurines will displace some water so leave a small amount of space (you can always fill more later if desired).

5. Add 5 drops of glycerin into the jar.

6. Add one rounded teaspoon of glitter into the jar.

7.Invert the jar lid with the figurines attached.


8. Close the jar and screw the lid on tightly. Shake it up Baby! and Let it snow!

9. TA-DA!

Have a very Happy Holiday season from all of us at artmania!