Is your child a biophiliac ?

“Biophilia” is the term Pulitzer Prize-winning biologist Edward Wilson created to describe “the connection human beings subconsciously seek with the rest of life.” Humans all have a deep subconscious need to interact with nature. Nature calms us, help us heal, and makes us feel good. Do you remember Roger Ulrich’s famous 1984 study of hospital patients who healed faster if their rooms faced trees as opposed to those facing a brick wall?

Our mobile classes have been scavenger hunting and learning about the science of why and how leaves change color as we create colorful compositions for your kids to bring home.

Leaf Rubbing composition by one of our five year old students at West Bay Elementary

New FALL class schedule is up

We have full day coverage for creative kids who’d like to join us on upcoming professional days,
and our website has a full listing of all our new classes – for all ages above two years, and lots of schedule options.
Check out some of our offerings:
– a Halloween themed classes for your little tike,
– an engineering or architecture based class for your older one,
fabric painting for your creative teen,
– an encaustic painting class for yourself using the ancient technique of painting with melted beeswax
– so many more opportunities to create, learn and have fun!

Paint Nights have started

And for adult biophiliacs … check out the beautiful paintings created last weekend as Serene guided several enthusiastic artistes through a fun acrylic landscape workshop. Call or email us today to book your date for a holiday paint night party before we fill up!

Check our website soon for Winter Holiday classes …