We offer art programs at local schools

Our elementary school programs bring exciting opportunities for students to explore techniques and materials that are often beyond schools’ art classroom resources and are designed to supplement a child’s school curriculum.

Specialized art education develops engaged, confident, well-rounded, creative children.
Artistic activities train the brain to think spatially, solve problems creatively and supports development in all other disciplines.

For parents looking for the convenience of extra curricular opportunities for their children right at their schools, our artmania programs are available during lunchtime, afterschool and throughout the school day through artist in residency programs.

New programs are always being developed and are rarely repeated. Our art classes have covered various screen and printmaking techniques, painting and drawing, sculpture, mixed media, fabric art, and more

Our registration policy is similar to a community centre. We welcome our students to try the first class out of any of our programs we offer. If the class isn’t for you, we will be happy to give you a full refund before the second class.


Our clients include:

L’Ecole Bilingue
Montroyal Elementary
Cleveland Elementary
Chartwell Elementary
Collingwood school
Collingwood Summer Programs    
Cypress Park Primary School
Irwin Park Elementary School

L’Ecole Pauline Johnson
West Bay Elementary
Westcot Elementary
Caulfeild Elementary
Hollyburn Elementary
Brooksbank Elementary
L’Ecole Cedardale
Dr. R. E. McKechnie Elementary School

Eagle Harbour Elementary           Highlands Elementary
Cleveland Daycare Society
West Van Summer Programs
L’Ecole Pauline Johnson Kids Club
Vancouver Parks Board
Canucks Place

Please contact us, or consult with your school’s Principal or PAC to bring artmania programs into your school.

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