Human Body and Proportion: Fabric Art and African Masks!

Welcome back to artmania’s last after school class for the 2016/17 school year! Classes start this week and registration is still open. Your Children will enjoy specialized art education. 10 – 12 great classes, 3 works of art! Let us help you develop engaged, confident, well-rounded, creative children.

The Human Body and Proportion: Learn how to draw a human figure from the ground up. This class will propel student sketches of figures to the next level. Gain the skills to not only draw a human figure with the right proportions, but you will also paint one as well. You will make a beautiful mixed media painting.

Fabric Art & African Masks: In this class students will learn about the history and crafstmanship of African masks. They will take those lessons and apply them along with our newly learned artmania skills to create a collographed fabric pencil case and their very own Mask!