Written by Domenica Mastromatteo

Spring sessions at Artmania are just around the corner; get your paintbrushes ready! Yes, paintbrushes! The winter mobile sessions had students paint with everything but paintbrushes, but this spring, students will work on developing an impressionist landscape with paint on canvas…. with paintbrushes! This special art project will require research outdoors, sketching the immediate surroundings. Students will be challenged to focus on details, learn about perspective, foreground, background and how to create a painting with depth. Our experienced art teachers will help students focus their “attention on what would normally go unseen. This calling of attention makes vivid new ways of seeing the world and, when the arts are well taught, illustrates to students new ways in which they themselves can reframe the world for perception.” (Eisner, 2003: http://ed.arte.gov.tw/uploadfile/periodical/429_7_25.pdf)

Students’ beautiful paintings will be reproduced as a set of 10 professional greeting cards.

In the second project, students will learn colour theory and layering different art mediums. They will explore colour and experiment with our cool crackle modeling paste. The masterpieces will be framed and ready to hang!

Three fantastic works of art!

The spring classes start the week of April 4rth. Register for all our classes online http://www.artmaniabc.ca/art-classes/ or call our studio 604-670-7592.