artmania’s mobile classes start this week!

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At artmania, we believe art is central to learning. Artmania’s lunch time and after school classes at local elementary schools are the perfect supplement to your child’s education. Art provides a rich language for integrated, meaningful and engaging education. This year’s classes will cover two topics; colour theory using the beautiful Banyan trees as inspiration and transparent painting inspired by the bold work of artist Georgia O’Keefe.

Students will discover the ecosystems of the Banyan tree, learn about it’s geography and dendrology, and learn the valuable technique of colour mixing with paint and oil pastels and the visual effects colour theory can create. In the second part of the program, students will explore the work of Georgia O’Keefe, the “Mother of American modernism”. Inspired by O’Keefe’s bold and expressionistic art style, students will create a beautiful transparent painting mounted in a shadow box frame.

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