“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” (Marcel Proust, famous French novelist).

Spring is a wonderful time to start seeing things differently, with new eyes. And making art (especially drawing and sketching) is a wonderful exercise to help develop the skill of seeing.

The sun is shining, the blossoms are out, and nature is beckoning.

Artmania offers art classes for all ages at our beautiful studio in Dundarave. Visit http://www.artmaniabc.ca/art-classes/ and find a class that’s right for you!

Artmania also offers mobile classes for students in local elementary schools; a wonderful and much needed supplement to your child’s education. This term, Artmania will take your children outside to look for relationships. Instead of seeing a tree as an isolated object in space, we’ll look at it’s relationship with other trees, how the diagonal lines of its branches connect with the tree next to it, how it intersects with the grass beneath. We’ll study an objects relationship with the sun, how the light slopes and creates gradual transitions between light and dark.

Artmania’s skilled educators will help children document their new way of seeing by drawing. Using their right and left-brain interchangeably, students will create depth and movement on paper.  The left-brain will see the objects and parts and make decisions and boundaries; the right brain will see the relationships, intersections and connections. Creativity is a balancing act.

After learning about perspective, foreground, background and how to create a painting with depth students will create a canvas painting and receive reproductions of their creations in a set of 10 professional greeting cards – having learnt from the ground up!

For our second creation (this spring) students will learn about colour theory, layering and get to experiment with our cool crackle modelling paste. Their masterpieces will be framed and ready to hang!

If you haven’t already signed up for our spring classes, visit http://www.artmaniabc.ca/art-classes/ and sign up today!

Blog post written by Domenica Mastromatteo