Written by Domenica Mastromatteo

Artmania offers art programs at local elementary schools. These programs bring exciting opportunities for students to explore techniques and materials that are often beyond classroom resources. New programs are always being developed and are rarely repeated.
Our art classes have covered various screen and printmaking techniques, painting and drawing, sculpture, mixed media, fabric art, and more.

Looking back at our winter program and everything the students learned, I wonder how we fit it all in? But we did! Our main theme was mixed media. The sculptural paintings were inspired by Robert Raushenberg’s work,


and the puffy pillows were inspired by the different methods of communication used by ancient civilizations. With these two projects, we covered painting and drawing, sculpture, mixed media, fabric art, printmaking and the art of foam printing!

In the second part of the winter program, the students explored creating different textures with wonderful foam pads. Instructors heated the foam pads and helped the children press different textures into the pads to create their own instant stamp. Cards and bookmarks were decorated as we experimented with this extremely cool technique!

IMG_0291           IMG_0295


Foam pads were then used to print a background on (canvas) fabric that would be sewn into a pillow. After layering the fabric with textured patterns (each layer with a different colour; blue then green), the children wrote their secret messages (with their made-up language) with fabric markers on their pillows. We had the canvas pieces sewn into pillows and Voila!


Artmania continues to offer art programs through the spring break at its beautiful Dundarave Studio! Register for one week of Artmania’s Crazy Mexican Folk Art and another week of Picasso Portraits and Fabric Totes. Learn about the rich history of folk art produced in Oaxaca, Mexico. Have fun making papier-mache creatures based on this whimsical, cultural tradition passed down from generation, to generation. The Picasso Portraits and Fabric Totes class demonstrates the various artistic forms used by the painter. Create a multi-layered portrait and print-make a fabric tote bag, inspired by some of Picasso’s most famous work.


4 great classes, 1 masterpiece, fun art history, artistic games and more!


Register online http://www.artmaniabc.ca/art-classes/ or call our studio 604-670-7592.