Artmania is currently presenting an incredible array of Canadian art. Blessed with many talented local artists and makers, the curator and owner, Mary Hay, is never at a lack for displaying beautiful and inspiring pieces on the walls of the Dundarave studio. Our latest obsession is with young photographer, Klee Larsen.

Klee Larsen comes from a talented family; a painter mom (Patricia Larsen), painter and stone mason dad (Ron Crawford) and ceramics sister (Janaki Larsen). That’s a lot of talent in one family.

Janaki runs Le Marché St. George making it Vancouver’s most one-of-a-kind corner market. But it’s more than a corner market, it’s a general store, a café, occasional event space, and a home to Janaki and her family. As the website describes, “It’s Melissa, Kim, Marie, Janaki, Lola, Pascal, 3 chickens, 2 cats, 2 bee hives and a fish who live here.” And it’s a place where everyone is welcome. Visit the website for the cafe’s delectable menu.

In addition, they have opened up a showroom in Mount Pleasant, 7e7; a permanent pop-up space. A “haven for design-centric people who appreciate beautiful objects in all of its handmade imperfections.“ You will find a regularly rotating selection of Janaki Larsen ceramics as well as a constantly evolving rotation of local artists’ wares and textiles that have been sourced by Janaki in her travels. Notable, many of the pieces on display have been created by this creative family. Paintings by Patricia Larsen, Ron Crawford and Klee Larsen’s one-of-a-kind photography.

The details in her photographs are amazing!


The pieces on display at artmania are Klee’s mixed media work on panels. These pieces take advantage of layering and textures to create ghost like images; trademarks of Klee’s original style.  She prints her images on vellum and uses resin to play with textures and transparency. Layering images on art boards creates a visual overload that is (at the same time) peaceful and stunning to the eye.

Whether you visit artmania studios to view and purchase art or to create art of your own, you will find Klee Larsen’s work inspiring.