I’m always amazed at the art hanging on artmania’s walls; carefully curated, unique pieces from local artists.

Recently, artmania’s walls were graced with Katrina Stock’s encaustics pieces.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to think of her pieces when I first saw them. They are intriguing, but I didn’t understand them and this made me uneasy. An artist myself and art educator, surely, I could come up with something? But, sadly, I knew nothing about encaustic work; until now. Katrina’s pieces lead me to discover the mystery behind the wax creations we carry in our gallery.

Encaustic painting involves using a hot beeswax with coloured pigments. The hot, molten wax is painted onto a surface, pigments are used for colour, and other materials can be layered into the painting. This layering is done by sticking the other materials to the surface with the encaustic medium. A blow torch or heat gun is used to “fuse” each layer of wax. Fusing creates a bond between the layers of wax, smoothing over any uneven texture. Metal tools and special brushes can be used to shape the paint before it cools. Tools can also be used to sculpt the wax once it has cooled.


The works from Katrina Stock (we carry in our studio) are from her Spring 2016 collection. “In this new encaustic series I work towards the tension between chance and control, using techniques such as ice, rust and indigo dying.” Indigo died cotton is encased on wood panel with layers of wax. She enhances the movement created by the indigo dye by sculpting the wax. The natural flow of the dye is in contrast with her controlled sculpting of the wax.

My curiosity of Katrina Stock’s artwork lead me through a process of discovery. There is so much to learn from art. The pieces in the studio have wonderful stories; revealing much about the artist and the world we live in.

Visit artmania and let one of our many curated art pieces lead you through your own art journey.