Most of artmania’s Fall mobile classes have begun. And geometry is the first theme of this fall session.


Because geometry, just like art, illustrates the shape, size, and relative position of figures in space. Math (geometry) is a field concerned with documenting what we see. Artists use physical materials to define what they see, mathematicians use numbers.

As early as the 6th century BC, people used geometry to define lengths, areas and volumes. Cavemen used shapes to communicate with the community about hostile animals, how and where to get food, and other necessary survival skills. And they used the same shapes we know today; triangles, circles, rectangles. These shapes were used because it’s what they saw in nature. A rock thrown into a still pond will form perfect circles radiating from the point where the rock touched the water (being the centre of the circle). Triangles are found in rays of light; one point being the source of light. The rays radiate outward and when they hit a flat surface (what we may perceive as the ground), it creates a visual line with the other two points of the triangle being the ends of that line.

Artists use shapes and lines all time; it makes sense to start the Fall session (and this school year) with the artistic tools of our ancestors.

More classes begin this week and we have some spots available. Check out the classes on our website and register today!