“Sweet love, renew thy force….do not kill the spirit of love with a perpetual dullness…”

– William Shakespeare

“My creativity is the sword against “perpetual dullness”. Parenting can bring on “perpetual dullness”, but I try to find ways to combine my art and parenting. The kids and I create together, experiment, try to see the beauty in everything; and as we walk the beaches on the North Shore our eyes rest on the sparkling sea glass beneath our feet. Inspiration hits as I sit, listening to the children playing. I allow creativity and ideas to flow through my fingers as I work metal around sea glass.


Art brings me inspiration, love and peace.” Domenica, mom of 4, makes finding time for her art a priority. Her passion for art is evident in her weekly blog posts on our website. As artmania’s regular blog post writer, Domenica creates passionate writings, not only about the importance of art, but about all the beautiful art we have displayed in our gallery and the artists that create them.

img_0015-150x150img_0007-150x150Her passion also speaks through her pottery pieces, and jewelry in our art gallery in Dundarave. Domenica’s been throwing clay and hand building clay vessels for 15 years. She loves simplicity, wanting her pieces to showcase the items the buyer chooses to add to them; the steaming hot coffee, the gorgeous flowers, the unforgettable dinners.


Her simplicity is also evident in her clay jewelry pieces.


Domenica loves to experiment and try new things. These pretty earrings were made with clay and carefully selected coloured glass beads. The first firing allows the natural cracking of the clay. The glass melts into the piece during the second firing, creating one of a kind earrings.

Domenica sells her clay pieces and sea glass jewelry exclusively through us. Stop by our studio; you’ll fall in love with her work