Artmania is always striving to help your child’s development by creating programs that integrate many forms of learning.

This fall, artmania is diversifying our mobile and studio art classes!

Inspired by European models of interdisciplinary theories, we are using the arts as a pathway of teaching that incorporates other fields: mathematics and geometry.

There are numerous benefits for children who learn through interdisciplinary methods. Specifically, different areas of the brain are activated at once, helping a developing child to train more than one area of the brain to be active and develop together.  All of this occurs while the child is having fun!  They work on an art piece that incorporates elements of mathematics and geometry — without realizing how much they are learning while creating!

This Fall, our mobile class and our Wednesday studio class will teach students how artists throughout history have used geometry and math in art.

The students are asked to name all of the shapes they have learned and then choose which ones to construct to make into their art piece. Their colourful constructions are made into a sculptural art piece they can be proud to display in their homes.

This is only a small part of our fall class curriculum.

We are also offering fundamentals of drawing and colour, figurative drawing, sculpture (of animals and their environment) and cartoon drawing with the history of Japanese anime’.

Our philosophy is that learning is fun!  Having a fun time creating art while learning science, math or history etc, will in turn help with higher memory retention. When students enjoy learning, it helps them develop a life-long enjoyment of education, that can help shape them for the future.

We all know the benefits of a healthy development — and the best thing we can do for our kids is to offer them experiences and opportunities at a young age for them to discover life-long resources.  Art and interdisciplinary education is a great way to work towards this.

Art is not extra, it’s integral!