written by Domenica Mastromatteo.

At the beginning of every Artmania children’s class, the words, “What are we doing today?” sweep the room. The answer is, “we are working on our structural painting.” The kids stare blankly. Although we’ve (Artmania teachers) explained the process, talked about abstract art and mixed media, the children still can’t wrap their brains around it. It’s abstract.

This is a wonderful project for me to be undertaking with them. I am an artist, but have been struggling with abstract and mixed media myself. I am a realist (and not just in my art).


I used to think I was a dreamer, but as I watch myself in every day life, it is obvious that my feet are firmly planted on the ground. I am a realist….but I love to challenge myself and with feet firmly planted I’m longing to discover new worlds and happy to be joining the children on their journey through abstract. I have no idea what these pieces are going to look like and honestly, that scares me. I trust they will be beautiful and I am optimistic that the children will go home with lovely pieces, but….


BUT……my journey with abstact will continue…for me, it’s a personal journey and I don’t know how else I could walk this path except through art. I am blessed. And my wish, is that art (in any form) could touch everyone’s life and become part of their life journey.

Many of our adult clients also show a trepidation regarding abstraction. With this in mind, the art mania team caters each art lesson to their clients. We are a team of multi disciplinary artists that collaborate with each other about ideas and teachings of art.

Let us create the perfect environment for you to start your art journey.

your art journey