Do you write a journal? Are you inspired by literature? Have you ever wanted to write poetry? Then this class is for you! Join us as ArtMania explores a new medium of creativity: writing. Taught by poet Deborah Harford and ArtMania owner and artist Mary Hay, this class is designed for people at all levels of writing experience, from total beginners to published authors.

We invite participants to join us for a series of inspiring and playful evenings exploring the excitement of writing. Echoing the approach of writers and artists through the centuries, we will show the way to creative expression through engaging your senses. Each class will feature carefully curated works of art, readings, music and activities designed to inspire, combined with helpful instructions to help us find our way to and through self expression on the page.

Whether you want to write stories, journal entries, impressions or poems, this class will entertain your senses while opening the door to the wonderful world of words.

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