ZOOM Online – The Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting

  • Nov 3
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  • Dec 15
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  • Tue
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  • 4:00pm - 5:00pm
  • 1-Grade 7
  • Located at ZOOM
  • $190

Artmania’s Fundamental Class offers students an exploration of drawing basics.

This class covers concepts any artist needs to learn to perfect their art form. Concepts such as space and depth, form, proportion, composition, perspective and more.

We will begin our classes by learning how to use different drawing tools and how to use your tools to create drawings that are 2 dimensional. We will move on through our lessons to learn about colour and how to create paintings with depth.

Through a series of projects, students will develop an understanding of various methods, materials and techniques of drawing and painting.

Our zoom classes are very interactive. Students can interact with their teachers directly and also with their fellow students. More one on one available with zoom.

We are also offering you the choice of choosing which day you would like to take our classes this year as we don’t have any programs at our list of elementary schools this fall due to Covid 19.

Students will receive their own set of graphite pencils, a sketchbook and watercolour paints to create with us.

Materials extra:

Materials can be purchased on Amazon Click on links below:

Watercolour set ( student grade ) $7.92

Set of 10 – 12 graphite pencils. $9.27

Sketchbook $ 5.99

Watercolour paper $ 7.01