Did you know that artmania offers classes for everyone; adults, school aged children, parent and tot, preschoolers and homeschoolers?

Preschool is a time for play and curiosity and what better way to empower your children than to give them more tools to create with and express themselves! Take our Parents and Mini Artist Class and share this exciting time with your children.

For school-aged children (ages 5 to 15), artmania has after school and weekend classes at our studio in Dundarave. If your child attends Erwin Park Elementary School, you’re in luck! Artmania staff will pick-up your children after school and walk them over to the gallery. For many North Shore Elementary schools, artmania offers art programs in the schools; we call them our “mobile classes”. Read about these mobile classes in our previous blog post.

Our next blog post will feature the new addition to our line of classes; writing!

Scroll below for a brief description of all the classes we offer.



Parents and Mini Artist Class (Ages 2 – 5): Become familiar with basic art materials, while nurturing creativity, curiosity and developmental growth. Explore layering, texture, colours and lines in a variety of mediums through consistent art-play. Interactive art activities for your mind and body!

Sign up:

10:30-11:30am Tuesday

10:30-11:30am Wednesday

10:30-11:30am Friday 

School-Aged Children/Teenagers Classes

Painting, Sketching & More Integrated Learning: Learn valuable art techniques! Explore Banyan Trees and create a colourful art piece, then be inspired by Georgia O’Keefe and create a beautiful transparent art piece in a shadow box!


3:30-4:30pm Ages 5 – 9

4:30-5:30pm Ages 10 – 15


3:30-4:30pm Ages 5 – 9

4:30-5:30pm Ages 10 – 15


10:00-11:00am Ages 5 – 9

11:00-12:00pm Ages 10 – 15

Metallic Myths and Sketching Techniques: Our classes are artist facilitated and child-driven. Learn about the art of Lorenzo Ghiberti and the wonders of metallic relief painting and learn fun and easy methods to draw objects that you see.


3:30-4:30pm Ages 5 – 9

4:30-5:30pm Ages 10 – 15

Pendulum Painting and Sketching: The painter Jackson Pollack used the force and movement of his own body to create his abstract expressionist paintings. Explore integrated learning with the scientific principles of gravity force and motion. In the class, students will build their own large scale pendulum to create a one of a kind painting.


3:30-4:30pm Ages 5 – 9

4:30-5:30pm Ages 10-15 


Using artmania’s gallery of artists as a launching point, students will examine original works of art, discuss and analyze them and make their own inspired art works. Artmania can adjust this class to suit your specific needs.


10:30-11:30am Art Class 

Adult Classes (18+)

Painting and Sketching – Learn how to paint from the ground up: This class is for the artist that has some knowledge of painting and would like to expand their artistic tool box. Learn fundamental principles of drawing the human body, your self portrait and basic perspective. Compose and paint one of your favourite scenes.

Monday 12:30 – 2:00pm

Introduction to Encaustic Painting: Start creating your own beautiful works in encaustic. We will cover all the basics and focus on unique painting techniques. Have fun experimenting with mixed media, photo transfer and fabric!

Monday 7:00-8:30pm

Wednesday 12:30-2:00pm

Friday 12:30-2:00pm

Explore Writing Through the Visual Beauty of Art: Come explore the rich world of words with us as we take you on a journey from the visual beauty of art to creativity and inspiration on the page!

Wednesday 7:00-8:30pm

Encaustic Collograph: This class covers the basic techniques of encaustic collograph. Collography is a printmaking process in which materials are applied to a rigid substrate, ink or pigment is applied to the resulting collage and the board is used to print onto paper or another material. The resulting print is termed a collograph. Encaustic collograph uses wax in lieu of collage materials. Demonstrations will cover applying the wax, dry point etching, mark making, incising, embossing and the use of heated tools. In depth overviews of printing inks and mediums as well as wiping techniques will also be covered.




This year, learn to create sculpture, encaustic art, pendulum painting, sketching, acrylic & oil painting and try your hand at writing as inspired through art. Register today!